Co:Here has been thoughtfully designed to invite gatherings and engagement.  Co:Here is all about community and central to this goal is providing affordable housing to those who are homeless or at risk of being homelessness. Extensive dialogue and consultation has shaped the design and function of this project.

Designed for Transformation

Located at the corner of East 1st Avenue and Victoria Drive in the Commercial Drive neighbourhood, the building has community space on the main floor and 26 self-contained units on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, as well as one level of underground parking.

Shared Living through Community Spaces

Entering on the main level, the layout invites shared living through community spaces including a large kitchen, dining room, living room and meditation space. A courtyard and community garden provide outdoor space and garden area for residents and co-residents to grow their own fresh food.

26 self-contained units

On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors, suites are organized in two pod-like groups where abundant natural light is provided in seating areas set next to urban porches. Each studio, one-bedroom, or two-bedroom unit is self-contained and provides tenants with a kitchen and all the necessities of private, healthy, and comfortable living. In total, there will be 18 studio apartments, 4 one bedroom apartments, and 4 two bedroom apartments.

Environmentally Thoughtful

We are committed to the reduction of negative environmental impact. This will be achieved through thoughtful use of energy, space, and design, and adherence to LEED Gold standards as part of our vision to care for the environment in our construction and in sustainable ongoing building operations.

Professional Team

Co:Here’s team of consultants are well regarded and have extensive experience in designing, developing and constructing social housing.
Innovative Housing Consultants (development consultants)
Neale Staniszkis Doll Adams (NSDA) (architects)
Yellowridge Construction (general contractors)
NSDA Architects has designed the building with an emphasis on creating spaces that foster safety, stability, community, and hospitality.

City Process & Approvals

The City of Vancouver unanimously approved the rezoning application on April 18, 2012. The Development Permit application was approved by the City of Vancouver on February 26, 2014.

For further information including in-progress floorplans, design rationale, shadow studies and zoning conditions see the zoning application.

  • Winter 2017/2018 Anticipated Occupancy
  • Spring 2016 Anticipated Start of Construction
  • Spring 2016 Anticipated Approval for Building Permit
  • November 2014 Building Permit Drawings submitted to City of Vancouver
  • February 2014 Development Permit Drawings approved by City of Vancouver
  • April 2012 Rezoning unanimously approved by Vancouver City Council
  • 2011/2012 Rezoning Application & Public Hearings
  • 2010  Discussions begin to build housing for homeless/at-risk-of-homelessness

The project has been designed, collaboratively, to resonate with the Co:Here initiative; it considers human need, community, thoughtful design, and sustainable solutions.

Larry Adams, Architect AIBC