Co:Here Foundation Incorporated

By January 30, 2013Incorporation

The name ‘Co:Here’ originated as the title for a newsletter of Salsbury Community Society (SCS), then became a housing initiative under the umbrella of SCS, and is now its own registered charitable foundation. Throughout this change, adaptation and growth, SCS  provided the support, strength and foundation from which we now move. While there was much goodness, camaraderie and strength in this partnership, Co:Here came to realize that stepping out from SCS would be an essential part of our growth in expanding and strengthening our identity and vision apart from them. While still under the umbrella of SCS much work was put into what we needed to operate as our own entity. The result of this work is a strong strategic foundation in and from which Co:Here has the confidence and footing to operate.

On January 30th, 2013 Co:Here Foundation was incorporated by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and close on its heels, February 6th,  we received our charitable status – the final steps needed in becoming our own legal entity.

Thank you to Salsbury Community Society, its various staff and board members along the way, throughout all these years; thank you for empowering and supporting us in this amazing process of seeing a dream for a building on the corner of 1st and Victoria move closer to fruition. We look forward to ongoing cooperation and collaboration between these two solid and creative organizations.