Co:Here has a new tag line: “home for good.” We are excited about this tag line as it represents well what we are trying to accomplish. We came to this as our tag line of choice for the layers of meaning it holds and the hope it holds out for the members of this community.

Our hope is that the Co:Here building will be a home for both doing good and being good, where being good means finding a real fit between one’s self and one’s environment.

The root of the word good is ge, the same root for the words gather and together. Goodness involves fitting rightly, the opportunity to discover and embrace the whole of which one is part. This is the kind of home we hope to build. A home of goodness, where people who have gathered together to find a home, feel like they belong and have the opportunity to explore, discover and embrace the ways in which they ‘fit.’

We hope that for those who make Co:Here their home here they will indeed feel that it is a good place to ‘land,’ a good place to call home.