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Co:Here Foundation was created in 2013 to lead Grandview Church in realizing its dream of redeveloping its parking lot into affordable housing. Today, Co:Here is repositioning to help other faith-based or non-profit organizations with land assets with their own housing visions.

What we do

Co:Here provides early-stage capacity to faith-based organizations seeking to unlock the latent affordable housing potential in their land assets.  Co:Here aims to come alongside and empower communities to develop a housing vision that aligns with their organizational vision, a feasible business plan, and an organizational plan to move their vision towards reality.


Co:Here inspires, empowers and guides faith-based organizations to develop mission-driven and community-centred affordable housing.


Co:Here envisions the transformation of underutilized parking lots and aging places of worship into affordable housing embedded in thriving faith communities.

Co:Here’s approach

Churches and other not-for-profit organizations with land are facing increasing pressure to make real estate decisions. Co:Here seeks to provide an alternative to selling land or engaging a market developer. Significant resources have emerged to support community-driven affordable housing development in the last number of years. The challenge lies in the fact that accessing most of these resources requires a clear real estate vision and viable business plan—two things most churches are not prepared to create without external expertise and additional finances.

Drawing on our expertise and experience in affordable housing development and faith-based organizations, Co:Here aims to come alongside, build capacity, and help faith communities realize a real-estate vision that aligns with their larger vision.

How we work

 Co:Here is a not-for-profit organization. Our funding model is designed to lower the financial barrier for faith communities to access professional development expertise at the beginning of their journeys.

In order to keep fees as low as possible, Co:Here leverages the work of a single staff Project Manager and the capacity and development expertise of its volunteer Board of Directors

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Our values

Co:Here seeks to:

  • Inspire – Because faith communities need to believe they can build affordable housing.
  • Empower – Because our communities need an alternative force to disrupt the market forces creating status quo housing.
  • Build Trust – Because faith-based organizations need an advisor who has their best interests at heart.
  • Guide – Because faith-based organizations currently lack a reliable guide with the experience and expertise to navigate a complicated process.
  • Collaborate – Because our communities are full of gifts, and we need to come together to achieve this common vision.

The project has been designed, collaboratively, to resonate with the Co:Here initiative; it considers human need, community, thoughtful design, and sustainable solutions.

Larry Adams, Architect AIBC