CBWC article - Zoe Ducklow - CoHere affordable community 2- Mar01-18

By Zoe Ducklow, Canadian Baptists of Western Canada: After many years of working towards it, Grandview Calvary Baptist Church’s vision of supportive community-based housing has now come to life. Co:Here is a 26-unit apartment building, deliberately designed to foster community among residents.

Each unit is self contained, with full kitchens, bathrooms and storage. And there’s a lot of common space, which is an intentional part of Co:Here’s design. Each floor has a spacious sitting area with outdoor balconies; the first floor has a large kitchen and lounge (furnished with a banquet table that was handmade out of a tree that got felled during construction); outside there’s a big patio (which will have a couple of BBQs come summer) and boxes and boxes of garden space.

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