From Church Parking Lot to Groundbeaking Housing Community

A Co:Here story about what a very passionate and committed group of people can do.

Co:Here Housing Community Pursues Deep Equality across Socio-Economic Barriers
by Derek Witten, Regent World

Clean from hard drugs for two years and living in the brand new Co:Here Housing Community, Todd K’s[i] journey of recovery has been long.

He began drinking heavily at fifteen, and was living on the streets of Vancouver with a crack cocaine addiction by twenty-two. He describes the pattern he fell into:

“I went through ten or twelve years of this cycle: detoxes, recovery houses, treatment centres, relapse, detox recovery houses treatment centres, relapse. It became very enabling in my life to do that.”

In 2004—the year he found out he was HIV positive—things started to change. Hungry, he walked through the doors of Jacob’s Well, a faith-based community in the downtown eastside, hoping for food. He got his meal; he also encountered a group of people committed to working and living in community with people in need. As Todd recalls “It was hard to tell whether they were making enough money to keep the lights on too you know. It wasn’t just bless you, [now] in my Mercedes off to North Van.”

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